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Pathology & Molecular Medicine



A novel approach to unravelling the mysteries of Alzheimer’s

16 December 2019 | By ,

The heterogenous and dynamic nature of protein aggregates makes them a particularly challenging class of structures to study. In this article, Professor Tuomas Knowles and Dr Sean Devenish present a novel approach to studying protein structures that could aid in understanding the complexities of Alzheimer’s disease and identify future therapeutic…


New research highlights key differences between mice and men

4 July 2017 | By

Research from King’s College in London, UK, and Lund University in Sweden could explain why diabetes drugs that have worked in animal experiments are not equally successful in humans. The researchers discovered differences – as well as hitherto unknown similarities – in the function of insulin-producing beta cells.


Scientists develop Chlamydia vaccine

20 July 2016 | By Niamh Louise Marriott, Digital Content Producer

Scientists have developed the first widely protective vaccine against chlamydia, a common STI that impacts 113 million people each year and can result in infertility...


The frightening emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

17 February 2016 | By ,

Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is on the rise and a return to the ‘pre-antibiotic’ era has become a frightening possibility. Various factors are responsible for this situation: the overuse of antibiotics in human medicine and animal husbandry, insufficient public funding for research into fundamental bacteriology including resistance mechanisms, and a…