Application note: Accurate measurements on the Octet platform without added sample purification steps

Bioanalytical systems have rapidly developed over the past 10 years for lead selection during cell-line development. The advanced technologies for the timely and cost-effective screening of antibodies or vaccines involve consideration of quantitation, kinetics and other critical quality attributes (CQA).

One of the main challenges for traditional methods like ELISA and HPLC is the need for additional sample preparation steps to overcome matrix effects. The Octet platform is an established analytical technology that minimises matrix effects when measuring, allowing for use with samples including antibodies, recombinant proteins, viruses and other macromolecules without the need for filtration or purification. Different types of crude samples have been successfully tested for real-time kinetics and affinity analysis, epitope screening and high-throughput titer during lead selection and bioprocess development. A few selected case studies using crude samples for both lead selection and process development are discussed below.

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