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Development of a physiologically relevant lung model for understanding SARS-CoV-2 infection

27 November 2020 | By

COVID-19 is known to infect the lungs; however, the dynamics of viral infection and replication are poorly understood. Alongside the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Professor Lyle Armstrong and colleagues have been working to develop a human lung epithelium model of SARS-CoV-2 infection and replication. In this article, he describes…


Application of organoid technology for retinal disease modelling and drug discovery

4 June 2020 | By

The loss of retinal light-sensing photoreceptor cells is a leading cause of blindness and the number of individuals affected by retinal degenerative diseases is increasing with an ageing population. Currently, there are no treatments for these diseases and progress in finding new treatments is slow. This article explores the potential…


Data, data and still more data: the challenges of imaging and analysing 3D cell models

4 June 2020 | By ,

The latest generation of three-dimensional (3D) cell models offer new and exciting possibilities for pharmaceutical research. However, deciding how to capture sufficient information in the most efficient way from an experiment without making the data size overwhelming can prove challenging. Margaritha Mysior and Jeremy Simpson discuss the opportunities and challenges…