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Expert view: Managing the complexity of finding new targets and drugging the undruggable

5 September 2018 | By

Assessing targets that are unable – or rather, extremely difficult – to reach pharmacologically, has prevented researchers from achieving desired clinical successes, most notably in the realm of cancer research. However, many advances are being made to shedlight on these difficult yet desirable target areas.


Assessing neurological ion channel therapeutic and liability targets

10 March 2017 | By Charles River

This webinar explores neurological ion channel therapeutic and liability targets, featuring four subtypes of NMDA receptors. We also discuss the rationale and options for assessment of therapeutic compounds on panels of CNS ion channels for evaluating their risk for CNS liabilities...


Ion channels: Small molecules versus biologics – the quest for the ideal Nav1.7 inhibitor

21 September 2015 | By ,

Ion channels modulate and control many fundamental physiological processes in various tissues and alterations in their functions give rise to a wide range of pathophysiologies, which makes them important drug targets. Indeed, for decades, drugs modulating ion channel activity have been targeted by the pharmaceutical industry. Historically, however, developing drugs…


Research suggests ion channel blocking drugs could be used in cancer therapy

12 August 2015 | By Author: Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Drug Target Review

Research carried out by University of California San Francisco (UCSF) has revealed ion channel blocking drugs could play a part in cancer therapy. The common class of channel blocking drugs, which are used to treat cardiac, neurological, and psychiatric disorders, could prove to be beneficial in cancer treatment according to…