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BIOSTAT® RM TX and Flexsafe® RM TX Bags

14 February 2019 | By Sartorius

The BIOSTAT® RM TX system consists of an automated control unit and a rocking platform, for gently agitating a single-use Flexsafe® RM bag...

Mouse IgG type and Titer Kit

15 June 2018 | By IntelliCyt

The Intellicyt Mouse IgG Type and Titer Kit is a high throughput, multiplexed assay kit that enables analyses of isotype, titer and cell health in a single assay...

Operetta CLS High-Content Analysis System

6 February 2018 | By PerkinElmer

Operetta CLS is a high-content cell analysis system featuring a unique combination of technologies to deliver high speed, sensitivity, and resolution...

JANUS® G3 automated workstation

26 January 2018 | By PerkinElmer

The JANUS G3 automated workstation offers multiple pipetting technologies on a single instrument platform.


5 January 2018 | By PerkinElmer

LANCE (Lanthanide chelate excite) is a TR-FRET (time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer), homogenous, no wash technology.

Alpha technology

3 January 2018 | By PerkinElmer

Alpha (Amplified Luminescence Proximity Homogeneous Assay) bead-based technology for no-wash assays.