Envigo collaboration with OCSiAl and Intertek results in single wall carbon nanotubes

Posted: 14 October 2016 | Niamh Louise Marriott, Digital Content Producer | No comments yet

Over the course of six months, scientists at OCSiAl, Envigo and InterTek collaborated to conduct extensive research and testing on potentially hazardous…

Envigo is pleased to announce the successful outcome of its industry collaboration with Intertek and OCSiAl to meet the latter’s regulatory requirements for its core product: Tuball single wall carbon nanotubes.

As a result of the collaboration, OCSiAl has opened a new substance in the EU’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulation under the number 01-2120130006-75-0000. This registration proves that Tuball single wall carbon nanotubes fully comply with REACH regulations.

OCSiAl is the world’s first manufacturer of single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) to complete REACH registration, taking the lead in raising the visibility of nanotube management worldwide and boosting its applications in a wide range of industries.

Research and Development

Over the course of six months, scientists at OCSiAl, Envigo and Intertek collaborated to conduct extensive research and testing on potentially hazardous properties of SWCNT. These efforts resulted in a technical and highly detailed analysis of SWCNT, their nature and potential risks, as well as in specifications on particular methods of risk management. This in-depth information will support the expansion of mass applications of SWCNT in various industries, including consumable products.

OCSiAl is the only company in the market that is capable of producing industrial-scale volumes of single wall carbon nanotubes. With its REACH registration, OCSiAl currently commercialises 10 tonnes of single wall carbon nanotubes in Europe. OCSiAl’s global production capacity of Tuball will reach 60 tonnes next year. REACH registration will support OCSiAl’s drive to further scale up its nanotube manufacturing volumes and boost the company’s presence in the European market.

Envigo’s CEO, Adrian Hardy, commented, “It’s very exciting for Envigo to be a partner in fostering important innovation – in this instance bringing our skills, expertise and comprehensive REACH testing capabilities to help OCSiAl meet all of the REACH requirements for its Tuball product. We are therefore delighted to have worked closely with InterTek and OCSiAl to enable the REACH registration of single wall carbon nanotubes – an industry first.”  

According to OCSiAl’s EHS Lead Manager, Gunther Van Kerckhove, “OCSiAl shares REACH’s goals and considers the completion of mandatory registration as one of the milestones in the company’s goal to provide the European market and global community with a more comprehensive understanding of nanotubes, their nature, safety, and  potential for use in a wide range of industries and products.”

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