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The Netherlands

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Ncardia is a stem cell technology company focused on the cell therapy, drug discovery, and safety/tox markets. We believe that human stem cell biology will deliver superior therapies to patients faster by improving the drug discovery & development process. We work with clients to develop human disease models and optimized assay systems to enable safety and efficacy testing that better translate to the clinic. Our novel DiscoverHIT Screening Platform offers a flexible solution for bringing human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC) models to drug discovery campaigns, while our robust Manufacturing Platform allows liter-scale batches of high quality, functional cells with little batch to batch variation. For post-manufacturing analysis,  Ncardia has an extensive selection of instrumentation and in-house technologies for identity verification as well as extensive functional characterization. Ncardia cells are ideally suited, then, for drug screening efforts as well as cell therapy projects.

Applications & Methods